Covid-19: The White People’s Disease

Something smelled fishy about the Covid-19 pandemic since its early stages and although I couldn’t quite put my finger on it, I always knew something just didn’t add up concerning this medical crisis.

It took reading trough some very white extremist articles to have my eureka moment and I’ll share it with you.

Although I don’t approve with the racist and extremist theories circulating on white supremacist websites out there, these sites are good for a few laughs and I usually like to keep up with all news from this planet whether they’re left-wing, right-wing, centrist, whatever, it doesn’t make any difference to me whatsoever.

I’m doing this for some time now, because mass-media is extremely deceitful no matter which side you’re on, so to see the big picture you have to look at all data and try to see for yourself what is real and what’s BS.

Doing this, I’ve stumbled across an article on a random white extremist website which shouted ( that means all capital letters in the internet environment :D ) that white people are being exterminated because the Covid-19 pandemic mainly affects white ( western ) societies.

Now, I’ve thought about this notion and said to myself “my God, the crazy people are right”. I don’t mean about killing all the crackers ( I’m white so it’s ok for me to say cracker :D ) part, I mean that the Covid-19 affects the Western World ( Australia, Canada, Europe , USA ) much harder that the rest of the planet.

Why is this happening? Well, the answer to this question is obvious: money. Yes, the western obsession with unregulated capitalism has managed to pervert even something as perverted as a global pandemic.

Looking at all the data and even at the lack of it, in some cases, a pretty horrible picture is painted for us all to see: the companies that should improve our lives have bypassed all democratic laws and scientific norms to mutate the western countries into some dystopian society that seemed to have been raised from the pages of a bad Sci-Fi novel.

It looked strange from the beginning

Now, I don’t really care if it was incompetence or sheer malevolence but, looking back to 2020, it’s clear to me that China took the right decisions while we took the wrong ones.

China went for a Zero-COVID measure which meant quarantining the infected people and even cities, in many cases, and vaccinating as many as possible. The Chinese vaccine isn’t available in the “White World” so it’s useless to tackle that aspect of the discussion but the fact that China has lost little over 4600 people ( as of writing this article: March 2022 ) while the USA has lost over 972 thousand people, Germany over 127 thousand and the UK has lost over 164 thousand people, clearly shows which strategy was the most efficient.

Stupid excuses were made by Western leaders that ranged from democracy can’t allow for such restrictive measures to be applied on people to Covid-19 doesn’t exist ( yeah Trump, I’m talking about you ).

Democracy never had anything to do with it. In a pandemic you take the necessary steps to ensure the population of your democratic country is safe from whatever virus threatens it. You don’t go to see the mayor if you’ve caught a cold, you go to see a doctor.

Back in 2014 when the Ebola epidemic reared its ugly head the World Health Organization devised a few protection measures for the population of Africa. These were simple and efficient methods of containing the disease, as much as possible.

These measures were:

1. Surveillance and contact tracing: an essential method to trace how the virus spreads and where the next Ebola hotspot may appear. This method unfortunately didn’t work as expected due to a shortage of properly equipped and trained staff.

2. Community awareness: another logical and essential method to inform the people of the measures they can take to protect themselves from the virus. Results were, again, not as notable as expected due to the poverty and poor living conditions in many of the countries that where threatened by this virus.

3. Travel restrictions and quarantine: another logical step in dealing with a pandemic and the step that ultimately stopped the virus. By the time a vaccine rolled out, the Ebola pandemic was on its way out as quarantine worked in stopping the spread of the virus.

It’s also note worthy that the vaccine was administered around the Ebola hotspots so people were receptive to getting vaccinated because they’ve already seen the impact of the virus on their communities.

The methods above have been tried again during the Covid-19 pandemic but they all failed and, while in Africa the reasons for failure were understandable, in the most Western countries the reasons were sheer incompetence and corruption. You can read how contact tracing flopped in this link [ 1 ].

It was all just a big mess as Western governments devised countless knee-jerk measures oblivious to logic and the WHO’s recommendations.

Most western countries went for a “flattening the epidemic curve” strategy which meant delaying, as much as possible, the spread of the virus so the medical sector will be able to deal with the threat properly.

It didn’t work. Many hospitals were transformed into Covid-19 centers but there were simply too many infected people and this measure also left patients with other health issues stranded in no man’s land.

Also, the surge of Covid-19 wasn’t stopped effectively as tourism was restarted too early in most countries, with varying restrictions that clearly did close to nothing to stop the spread of the virus.

But out of the whole ordeal, capitalism stepped up to help us all ( and give me a nasty sense of déjà-vu ) as Pfizer, Johnson & Johnson and Oxford–AstraZeneca ( a collaboration between the Oxford Univ. and the AstraZeneca company ) announced their respective vaccines and so the merry-go-round of capitalism started.

Influences in the medical sector that resulted in conflicting data [ 1.1 ] or censored data [ 1.2 ] coupled with influences in the political sector that produced “democratic dictators” forcing vaccination onto their population, brought a sense of distrust to both the vaccines and the political sector ( as it should happen ).

After the rival vaccines ( Chinese and Russian vaccines ) have been eliminated from the Western market ( another modern “free-market” practice ) the stage was set for the total misinformation of the people as pro-vaccine media ( that seemed to be the only form of media we’ve had during this pandemic ) continued spreading inaccurate and biased opinions, that later proved to be wrong, which resulted in a complete mistrust in the vaccine.

Now, if the mistrust in the vaccines is justified or not is not for me to decide, but what it is for me to decide though, is that dodgy modern capitalist practices brought the whole vaccination endeavor on its knees and, as always, the people were at fault for not “believing in science” ( whatever that means ).

Because Covid-19 vaccines don’t work like classic vaccines and kill the virus completely, vaccinating around the hotspot of Covid-19 would be useless, so the strategy of herd immunity was proposed.

Leaving the comparison to a herd aside, this strategy was always risky as people in areas less affected by Covid-19 were always less likely to get vaccinated.

On top of that, after the Delta variant of Covid-19 spread across the world, it became clear that even vaccinated people can get and transmit the virus [ 2 ] leaving the herd immunity concept to be another dream of modern humans alongside a functioning communism or democracy.

What followed next would be too exaggerated even for the most hardcore comedians out there.

It continues to look strange

With vaccination not going as expected, our democratically elected leaders ( who the f**k voted for these retards, anyway? ) turned into full-scale dictators threatening and insulting their voters in every possible way to convince them into vaccinating, vaccinating again or vaccinating yet again ( depending on each case ).

Where convincing fails forcing may prevail as Italy imposed a mandatory Covid-19 health pass to vaccinated people although, it was starting to become clear the so-called “green pass” wouldn’t stop the spread of the virus. It didn’t.

Nevertheless, the dementia soldiered on in our leaders’ heads and another noteworthy moment came when ATP Singles Rankings leader Novak Djokovic was detained in Australia for not being vaccinated.

To understand the madness behind this incident we have to look at the full picture. Djokovic was not vaccinated but had been granted an exemption by experts in Australia to play in the first Grand Slam of the 2022 season.

Regardless of any blabbering you may have heard online or on TV regarding this topic, if Australian medical professionals deemed it was OK for Djokovic to play in the tournament, then, by all accounts it should have been OK.

But no, Alex Hawke, the Australian inquisitor…sorry…immigration minister decided to personally cancel the player’s visa calling him a “talisman of anti-vaccination sentiment” and also implying Novak’s presence at the tournament will produce “civil unrest” [ 3 ].

There was civil unrest in Australia prior to Djokovic’s arrival because the people were getting aggravated by how their leaders have mismanaged this pandemic since the very beginning.

By now, it is clear the vaccine isn’t going to stop the pandemic but nobody cares as dirty companies and their puppet-string politicians have entered in money-making frenzy mode and the body count is irrelevant to them.

Moving on to French president Emmanuel Macron who also deserves his spot in the list of incompetent leaders that lost their minds completely during the pandemic ( TM ) with his own crusade against the unvaccinated.

In January 2022 he declared that his government’s vaccination strategy is to “piss off” people who have not had coronavirus jabs by making daily life more and more difficult for them [ 4 ]. He should remember that the Musée de la Révolution française ( Museum of the French Revolution ) still has a shiny guillotine that will happily show French leaders what it means to “piss off” too many people.

The first round of the 2022 French presidential election will be held on 10 April 2022 and we can assume Macron’s motto for the campaign will be “making daily life more and more difficult for people opposing our ideas”.

Whether he thought all vaccinated French citizens are pro-vaccination ( which is wrong ) or whether he’s simply a gigantic basket-case matters very little at this point. Macron should not be considered as a viable candidate for the 2022 elections because he has failed his voters, he has failed France, democracy and logic with a simple but incredibly idiotic statement.

I’ll move on because I have a treat for you as I’ve kept one of the biggest idiotic statements in human history ( if not the biggest ) for last.

In June 2021 Romanian president Klaus Werner Iohannis declared on national TV that “the vaccination campaign was a success, we’ve basically stopped the pandemic” [ 5 ].

The following summer, a massive number of Romania people flooded all of the country’s holiday destinations leaving any precautions and masks aside ( I know, Romanians aren’t very bright either, that’s probably why they voted for that tool, in the first place ).

The result: the number of cases and, implicitly, deaths exploded, culminating with 591 deaths in 2 November 2021. Romania, a country of just 19 million people, has lost over 64 thousand people ( March 2022 ) to this pandemic, mostly because of corruption and the incompetence of authorities in dealing with the thread properly.

The year 2021 had numerous statements that didn’t age well but this one takes the cake.

Is there a way out?

Well, of course it is. This is a pandemic so countries should concentrate their funds on their medical sectors. More hospitals, more equipment, more staff, you know…what should have been done at the start of this f***ing pandemic?

That being said, nobody talks about building hospitals, instead everybody talks about imposing a vaccine that hasn’t solved anything since its introduction. So that can mean only one thing: corruption.

Corruption and greed are recurring problems in our modern society so now, in the eve of a pandemic that dragged its heels for far too long, we should start demanding our rights from the leaders that call themselves democrats.

Corruption is literally killing people on a daily basis but everyone seems to be worried that Will Smith slapped Chris Rock. Got to love social media…

Like always, it all depends on the dying species of smart people to start saying the truth and stating the obvious so that the dumber people can start shouting these facts so that the dumbest people will go back to politics or ”making money” and leave us the f**k alone.

And this whole ordeal brings us to the sad truth: we’re not controlled by a secret organization or an advanced ET society, we’re controlled by some retarded politicians corrupted by the idiotic and spoiled rich people also known as the “elite”. Truly sad and way less exiting than the conspiracy theories ( that’s probably why a lot of people choose to believe the conspiracy instead ).

Deep down we all knew this was a hoax and fatalities were being used as means of making money by the large corporations that, in this case, literally killed us for profit.

The corruption behind this pandemic will take decades to emerge ( if it will at all ) so, for now, we’ll just have to make the obvious action and get rid of the politicians that failed to protect us from corruption: Macron, Iohannis , Scott Morrison and Alex Hawke, Boris, Biden ( there are many more, this were merely the ones that pi**ed me off the most ).

If that sounds too difficult to do, then carry on like this, but don’t forget to get a big jug of Western Covid-19 vaccine and a large syringe and just live your life like you always did.

Yeah, you can die of Covid-19 before or even after taking the shot and you can also die because of the shot, but some people don’t die, so get vaccinated and convince your kids to do the same, then run away to work as soon as possible so that our creaky economy survives till the next crash ( which will come sooner than you think ).

You should also go on a holiday, no matter that you’ll get a mask-tan and it will probably be the worst and most awkward vacation you’ve ever took, we need your money so that our creaky tourism can survive in this retarded…I mean.. strange times.

These were the motifs of the “white pandemic” since its birth. Covid surge: “boo!”, vacation: “yaay!”. How are people supposed to take this seriously?

Tom Frieden, a former director of the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention and the head of the nonprofit Resolve to Save Lives said “We have to be humble about what we do know and what we don’t know. There are a few things we can say definitively. One is that this is a hard question to address.” [ 6 ]

Yet regardless of what experts have to say, our officials and, of course, private companies push for people to get vaccinated and continue living as usual.

It’s hardly surprising that companies like Pfizer and Johnson & Johnson don’t care if we live or die, they run for profit and if it’s profitable for them, they will kill us without batting an eye, but we can’t ignore the fact that our leaders are doing the same thing.

The world is shocked because of a joke Jimmy Carr made [ 7 ] ( it’ Jimmy Carr you idiots, not the Pope ) but nobody bats an eye when our governments and private companies collaborate to endanger people’s lives and murder them for profit.

Are you f***ing serious?













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