War in Ukraine: I’ve cut my balls while shaving

The war in Ukraine is like that as nobody really cares about it, guys will say “oh bro that’s nasty” but they don’t actually feel your pain while women mostly laugh ( yeah, screw you too :D ) and it is like that on an international level.

Macron and Biden act all concerned when they clearly aren’t while Von der Leyen doesn’t give a fly’s arse and carries on with her dubious solutions for the European Union [ 1 ].

Every single aspect of this war reminds me of my issue ( my cut balls ). Now, I’ve cut them because I don’t know how to professionally trim a gentlemen’s sausage — Zelenskyy and Putin started this war because they don’t know what it takes to run a country as they have no diplomacy, they don’t know how to negotiate and they really don’t possess any of the skills a president should possess ( and that goes for all leaders in this day and age ).

The parallels between my “accident” and the War in Ukraine are endless because this war is an accident, really, but I’m not here to analyze that war or my accident, I’m here for something else.

Putin and Zelenskyy started a war between their respective countries because they aren’t mature people able to negotiate and find solutions that don’t imply their citizens killing each other. They decided to engage in war regardless of the suffering of Russians and Ukrainians and the costs Russia and Ukraine will have to pay following this decision.

This conflict has exposed, as conflagrations usually do, just how incompetent most politicians on planet Earth are and, most importantly, that everything we’ve been told over the last decade is untrue.

Everything you’ve been told over the last decade is a big fat lie.

Nevermind that Putin decided to pull a Bush and invade a country for reasons only he finds sane and logical, but the whole ordeal and propaganda ( on both sides ) is sickening to watch.

I’m not here to decide who’s right and who’s wrong because that will be decided at the end of this war. You see, in war, the winner is always right and the looser is wrong.

I’m here to talk about what this war means for our society as a whole because it has unearthed some pretty disgusting things about all people across this planet.

That being said, I won’t concentrate on the general public because, in this day and age, the general public doesn’t have an opinion, it just spits out the clichés it hears in the media or the political sector.

Whether people get their news from TV, social media or from public speakers, the information they know is exactly the same ( and not always true ) which means somebody feeds the same sh** into the populations of EU, Australia, Canada and the USA ( basically the so-called “Western World” ).

That somebody, is the government ( it doesn’t matter in which country it resides ) which sends its bulls**t to the TV stations it owns or influences. The news you see on social media or webpages are the same you see on television so whether you watch TV or not is actually irrelevant.

You’re being told our society has broken the barriers of racism and misogyny, corruption is a thing of the past and that we’re becoming more environmentally-friendly, but those are all lies. Big fat whoppers.

Feminism suddenly evaporated when the conflict in Ukraine started, not only in the Ukrainian press but also in the so-called “free press” of Western Europe.

Double-standards roam free in our society, and this was exposed by the war. Men were forced to defend their country ( threatened to be executed if they don’t ) while women fled with their children, which, invariably led to mysoginism from some and to an “AHA” moment from me.

I’ve finally spotted the piece of evidence I needed to expose the lies we’ve been told by the disgusting and corrupted mass media, for more than a decade.

All the dogma of the parent 1 and parent 2 [ 2 ] flew out the window as the words mom and dad were suddenly thrown back into the dictionary, while most people didn’t even noticed. Visibly aggravated women journalists even asked fleeing men why aren’t they defending Ukraine instead of fleeing with their children ( duh ), like they weren’t talking about gender equality literally hours before this conflict started.

I know journalists don’t possess a functioning brain and just repeat things written for them on the prompter but the people writing those news should have known better.

Everybody suddenly forgot men and women are equal and reverted to the dogma of the great wars ( men fight, women nurse the wounded ) which exposed the fact a majority of the population of Europe and the USA never believed in gender equality and were just hypocrites or idiots repeating what the aforementioned hypocrites said.

As the novelty of the war faded, both Ukrainians and Russians started filling social media with pictures of women soldiers but, at this point, people possessing at least an ounce of common sense already saw the hideous reality: we’re still living in the 40s.

On the subject of mysoginism we also have to honor the French people as they re-elected Macron in the detriment of Marine Le Pen. People around the world tried to defend this decision making various negative allegations about Le Pen but I wasn’t sold and I’ll tell you why, later in this article.

And, the final nail in the coffin of the pretended feminism of the last decade has to be the US Supreme Court ruling that abortion is no longer protected under the constitution [ 3 ] which leaves it open for any state to, basically, take women’s rights over their own bodies. America truly is the land of democracy.

We also can’t overlook the fact that trans women were suddenly deemed men by the Ukrainian government and forced to defend the country receiving the “rights” all Ukrainian men have ( so being shot it you try to flee the country ) [ 4 ].

Another momentous decision, this one made by many European sports committees, was to disallow various Russian athletes from participating at official tournaments. Politics has no place in sports but, it seems, the one-dimensional politicians of today just can’t help but view the world in black and white.

Fresh from the Covid-19 witch hunt which resulted in Novak Djokovic being eliminated from a tennis tournament, we have another witch hunt, this time against Russian athletes suspended from various sporting events because Putin has gone mad.

It’s worth mentioning not even Hitler was so daft as to persecute athletes because of his own misconceptions, during the 1936 Summer Olympics, which perfectly shows the level of intelligence and sanity our current world leaders possess, but I’ll get to that later on.

Sticking to the Western World, racism is still alive and kicking 9 years ( and counting ) after the start of the BLM movement ( yes, NINE F****NG YEARS ). Many footballers in Europe are still kneeing on the field before matches which is really ridiculous, because, in the age of the 6-seconds attention span, a lot of people don’t even remember what all that kneeing is about.

We also have the mention how rich people, the so-called Russian oligarchs are being persecuted by various western governments. This can’t be overlooked as we’ve been told for the past forty years that rich people are the fabric of modern society and without them the whole universe will unravel.

This prompts some big questions to be asked about the capitalist dogma we’ve been hearing all this time.

Most of the so-called elite, the super-rich people of this planet have some skeletons in the closet. Why don’t we take a closer look at all of them?

I also can’t overlook how various Russian companies that are located or have headquarters in Western countries receive bans and fines. Hurting Russia at all costs seems to be the motto of EU and the US but by hurting those companies you also hurt your own people that are employed by the said companies. The principle of the free market takes a punch right in the kisser. When exactly does the free market stops being free?

And last but not least, the environmental movement is somehow directing us all towards consumerism. Wait a minute.. isn’t consumerism at fault for most of the environmental issues we’re currently experiencing? I’ll talk about this in a future article.

It is, actually, quite disgusting to see just how fast everything we’ve been told over the past decades simply flew out the window in a moment’s notice and the whole western world reverted to the 1800s mindset.

So, basically, all of the topics shouted in mass-media are lies and quite bad ones, because the people feeding these lies into the mass-media machine are idiots, which leads us the second part of this article.

Most politicians on planet Earth are incompetent fools.

Ever wondered why aliens don’t visit planet Earth? What alien would want to dodge shoes alongside Bush ( see here [ 5 ] ) or awkwardly sit at the end of a very long table facing a Putin-resembling dot, on the other side?

Regardless of what you’ve been told, the War in Ukraine wasn’t exactly unexpected. It’s another year, another war, basically.

It’s hardly surprising as war is big business…I mean…as the threat of terrorism [ 6.1 ] or Nazism [ 6.2 ] should be stopped completely before it grows and corrupts our pure democracy or communism ( or whatever the hell Russia is nowadays ).

War happens when diplomacy fails, and that has happened quite a lot in recent years so a war isn’t so shocking when you think about it.

Our leaders ( largely democratically elected ) are really rough and uneducated people, most of them unfit to run a newspaper stand let alone a country, but these people rose to power in their respective countries of origin which raises one obvious question: what is wrong with democracy?

To spot the problem more easily we’ll take a look at the politicians and countries directly involved in this scramble.

We’ll start with Putin. What can be said about him that hasn’t already been said? He seems to have gotten bored with diplomacy and invaded a neighboring country.

Diplomacy isn’t the strong suit of all our current leaders so negotiations and talks before the conflict looked strange and awkward, even ridiculous at times.

Just like bros at a frat party, one bro decided to punch the other ( probably because he was drunk ) and all the other bros started egging him on: “You won’t do it! You don’t have the guts!”. He punched the bro and all other bros were like: “Whoa! Bro!”. Meanwhile, Boris Johnson was puking in the corner. He’s had too much to drink.

Looking at the declarations of Western and Eastern “diplomats” before the war, I was only thinking about a single thing: how on earth are these people politicians?

These are the questions we should ask ourselves in this time, because we’re sure as Hell not helping Ukrainians by selling them overpriced guns [ 7 ] and egging them on to battle.

The Western World doesn’t expect Ukraine to win this war, they just want Russia to be weakened enough for them to get rid of Putin and exploit that country once again, forgetting that the last exploitation of Russia, from the 90s, lead to Putin being elected, in the first place.

Putin was democratically elected people, he was elected as president of Russia on four different occasions and although there were some allegations of vote-rigging at the start of his third presidential term in 2012, I’ll let that slide as I don’t trust how most so-called modern democratic countries organize and manage their presidential elections.

Let’s not act like Putin isn’t supported by the Russian people. He was elected as president on multiple occasions and although he has had his share of protesters, he managed to stabilize the economy of Russia after the economical disaster of the ‘90s.

Also, we shouldn’t blame the Russian people for voting Putin, as they just saw a person with a plan and voted for him, because that’s the problem with our leaders, they don’t have a clue about what they’re doing so everyone that seems to have a fracture of a plan is elected whether they’re called Putin or Trump.

I can’t even make fun of Trump anymore because Biden proved to be a way bigger tool than Trump ever was, by starting a bloody war. I’ve always thought Trump to be the American president most likely to start a war. Clearly, I was wrong.

On retrospect, it also wasn’t wise for the Ukrainian people to vote for a comedian to lead their country ( no they haven’t voted for Boris Johnson, I’m talking about a different comedian ) but it really seems like the whole planet is being run by comedians these days, so this is another understandable decision.

Ruff, simple people with no oratory skills or any sense of diplomacy whatsoever. Most of these people were voted too ( including Putin ). Is this the end of democracy as we know it? Should we start searching for other political systems to govern our lives? It certainly seems to be the case.

It’s time to return to the French elections I’ve mentioned in the first part of this article. People voting for Macron ( you know.. the president that was threatening the French people just a month before the elections [ 8 ] ) was the last straw for me.

Now they’re booing for the idiot like he gives a f***k. Well haven’t you tools just voted the biggest idiot on planet Earth ( and that really is a statement in this age, the age of the fools ), why are you disappointed?

The decision wasn’t surprising to me as Marine Le Pen had the press and mass-media against her ( usually the so-called free press is more or less controlled by the president in charge, that’s why so many presidents are reelected ) but there was also something else in the air, something les palpable.

People said they voted for the lesser-evil, which actually means both candidates suck so you need to choose the least-sucky one, but this wasn’t the case as the sucker of suckers was Macron who threatened the electorate a month before the elections.

The press was also talking gibberish portraying Le Pen as a communist and Putin supporter. There are two obvious things wrong with this theory:

1. Marine Le Pen hasn’t made any declarations implying she desires a communist regime in France or that she is an admirer of Putin. Of the two, ironically, Macron has a much more active and public relationship with Putin;

2. People possessing a functional memory will recollect allegations of Le Pen being a Nazi or Nazi sympathizer during the 2017 campaign. Now, that’s quite a dramatic switch to make, especially in the space of just five years, going from Nazism to Communism;

You could get your brain twisted into a pretzel trying to follow the logic in the arguments the mass-media and the general public give towards explaining why Macron was reelected. The truth is, both candidates were poor but Macron made a major blunder so he was voted only because of mysoginism.

Yes, the problem omnipresent in the Western World has struck again. Of course, people of today will never acknowledge they’re racist or misogynist but all evidence points to that.

This is exactly what happened in the USA when Hillary ( a respected politician and a perfectly sane person ) lost to Trump ( ahem ).

So we now have baboons in charge of all democratic countries across the planet. Yipee!

Imagine these tools leading the world during the Cuban Missile Crisis, we would have had nuclear war back in 1962.

This is democracy on its knees. You basically get to vote your own dictator every four or five years.

Something clearly doesn’t function in the current democratic election systems used throughout the world. The problem is there for all to see, hidden in plain sight, but most people fail to notice it. The problem is the talking plastic boxes ( big and small ), more specifically, what comes out of them.

Yes, mass-media is the culprit. The people that own the media ( the politicians and the rich people ) get to decide who becomes president and these people are misogynistic, racist, stupid and greedy. Looking back at what the people have “elected” since the 70s onwards, it all makes sense.

You vote for and image and not a president or a project. The person with the best campaign and most media coverage wins. This translates to the person with the most money so the person who owes the highest amount of money or favors. Yes, you get to vote for a string puppet.

The whole western media also sickens me at this point. Do we really need this bloated overcrowded industry of Uncle Toms and conspiracy nutbags? Is it that fun to be lied to, all day long? Then just marry the boyfriend or girlfriend that used to cheat on you.

Just commercials and fake news all day long. My favorite button on the remote is the one that shuts the TV down.

The mass-media turned the conflict in Ukraine on all sides, analyzed every possible image and word said by Putin and Zelenskyy, thousands of times, coming up with the wrong conclusion each time.

Despite what you’ve been told, this wasn’t an unexpected war as the conflict smolders between these two countries for more than two decades.

The truth is, Ukraine has been the rope in a thug-of-war between Russia and Western Europe since the Iron Curtain fell.

After the dust settled on the destruction of the nineties that took place in all Eastern European countries, Russia organized themselves an voted for a leader that wouldn’t be the string puppet of Western Countries.

Combine all of that with the greed for oil and weapons that plague both Russia and the USA for eons, and you have a war.

A war that affects the normal people, the poor people, and brings wealth to the corrupt and the rich. It’s simple, it always is.

All of this teaches us that the people we elect won’t help us in any way or form and the mass-media we give so much credit to is manipulated by the aforementioned people.

Forget about fake news. People are living fake lives and everything you’ve been told over the past three decades is a lie with the sole purpose of transforming you into money for the rich.

Kind of, like the Matrix, only more inefficient.

It can be too much info to handle and in situations like this people move closer and look at a specific part while I usually take a step backwards and look at the big picture.

The big picture prints this: the world portrayed to us by the mass-media is a complete lie and our society is destined to fail. Big time.

This is happening because people don’t realize the capitalist democracy is an abomination. They just don’t mix. It’s like putting Trump in charge of Unicef or putting Hitler in charge of Germany.

Capitalism is the reason why most democracies of our time feel and function more like fascism and the reason why western societies are failing.

You see, capitalism encourages petty thinking: “I’ll make it big while other will get poor. Screw them! “ and this attitude is actually destroying our societies because a society ( as the name implies ) requires many people to function normally and it won’t function at all if 90% of those people are angry and blasé.

A socialist democracy is a far more natural mix but, in the age of the one-dimensional Avenger-watching human, you can’t say socialism without being labeled a communist, because stupid people don’t realize that democracy and communism are political systems while socialism and capitalism are economical systems.

Napoléon Bonaparte: “In politics, stupidity is not a handicap.”


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